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International Women’s Virtual Race

Run or walk 5 kilometres for 5€ to improve women’s health around the world.


Join us by participating in the International Women’s Virtual Race, an online solidarity run or walk that is donating all proceeds towards two impactful associations: the AWASUKA Program and the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer). By running with us, you are directly combatting and preventing the development of serious illnesses, such as cancer, especially for women globally.


Who is receiving your donation?

The AECC is a non-profit organization operating throughout Spain with the aim of leading Spanish society’s efforts to reduce the impact of cancer and improve people’s lives. The association consists of patients, family members, volunteers, collaborators and professionals.


How do they do this? The AECC educates on healthy behaviors, supports cancer patients through their journey, and conducts quality research on cancer topics.

Reducing cancer’s impact on society can only be achieved with a comprehensive approach, which is why the AECC cares for everyone’s health and stands by those affected while promoting quality research.

Toxic smoke inhalation is a global development challenge, silently killing an estimated 1.64 million people every year.


Did you know that in Nepal alone, 226,000 develop respiratory illnesses every year due to toxic smoke from indoor air pollution?

Women and children are disproportionately affected as cultural forces typically assign them to household chores, which in turn, perpetuate and heighten gender inequality in developing countries. This program is building smokeless kitchens in remote areas of Nepal, improving their living and health conditions & empowering them with more time to develop both personally and professionally.


How does it work?


  1. Register online for the race with a registration fee of 5,36€
  2. After receiving the confirmation email with your locator number and app link, download the application to your mobile device and enter the locator number to open your account.
  3. Share this race with your friends by marking yourself as ‘going’ on our Facebook event!
  4. Run or walk whichever distance you desire between May 9st – 16th through the app, then check this website to view your international ranking!


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