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Author: Xavi

Women empowerment in Nepal

Women’s empowerment and gender equality in Nepal remain far from being totally achieved. In general, Nepali women get married soon, have little or no education (especially in rural areas), depend on men, etcetera (Volunteers Initiative Nepal, n.d., and Gentle, 2019). As Volunteer Initiatives Nepal states,

Get to know the AWASUKA program: Mònica Sans Duran

Around one week ago, I had the pleasure to interview Mònica, the person who made the collaboration with Base-A and the involvement of El Camí in the AWASUKA program possible. We had a chat for around one hour trying to present AWASUKA from a personal

Gender and Development

What is the first thing that comes to your mind if I say “gender”? And what do you think about if I say “gender equality”? I am ready to bet that most of you will have instantaneously thought about “female and male” as a reply

Is Poverty a Death Sentence?

We live in a world where sleeping under a roof is a luxury today. I felt guilty for sleeping under a roof last night. When I was breathing in the fresh air in my airconditioned room, people in a city across the globe were running

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