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What happened before 2020?

El Camí is an NGO legally constituted in 2020. However, the will to help of it’s members was born much earlier, in 2013, when it was decided to legalize the name and logo and take on the challenge of collaborating with other NGOs through several volunteers.  This is due to the fact that during this period of time, these volunteers, despite having a strong will to help others, were not of legal age to legally take on this challenge, so they decided to start their adventure and create their identity through various collaborations. 

That is why, in order to offer maximum transparency and the best standards for El Camí, we include below the detail of all the activity we have carried out during these years together with the link to the annual reports of these organizations:



Gripau Blau

The first project of “El Camí de la Solidaritat” consisted in raising money so that the members from Gripau Blau (an association for mentally handicapped people) could receive 10 sessions of equine therapy. We orchestrated a local charity race with 247 participants and raised €3,000.




This project focused on the necessity of providing food snacks to children at risk of social exclusion in the municipality of Cambrils. We organized a race in which 300 people participated, raising €3,500 in total.



Banco de alimentos

With this project, we organized a food collection for a solidarity campaign called “En verano el hombre no hace vacaciones (“Food has no vacations in summer”), aimed at helping the most vulnerable families in Cambrils. We raised 700 foodstuffs by hosting a “solidarity bubble football event”.



Síndrome MMB

The objective of this project was to fight the “MMB syndrome” (school Materials, lunch Meals and “Berenars”- afternoon snacks) that families at risk of exclusion in Cambrils suffer from. We raised a net amount of €12,714 by organizing a 2km walk and a 5km professional race in which a total of 814 people participated and 42 businesses collaborated.



Blood and Tissue Bank

In 2017, El Camí de la Solidaritat organized a blood donation campaign together with the “Banc de Sang i teixits”, with a direct impact on 237 people. In addition, El Camí also collaborated with the Noelia Foundation in a cap collection, with a direct impact on 5 children against Congenital Muscular Dystrophy due to a deficit of collagen VI.



Fundación Pascual Maragall

Through this project, we wanted to help find a cure for the Alzheimer’s disease by raising money for the Pascual Maragall Foundation. We raised a total net amount of €4,000 by hosting a solidarity race in collaboration with Penyafort-Montserrat college dorms, in which 283 people participated.




Maria and Inés are 6 years old and live in Cambrils. They both suffer from PLAN (PLA2G6 associated neurodegeneration), a rare disease characterised by a progressive degeneration of the nervous system. The goal of this edition was to raise awareness for this illness. With great effort, we appeared on national TV, where we talked about PLAN in a special edition for rare diseases.

In total, there was an audience of 369,000 people and we raised €4,166 to donate towards research of the illness.

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