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About us

“El Camí de la Solidaritat” is a non-profit, non-governmental organization created in 2013 in Cambrils, Spain. We promote and defend social transformation aimed at improving living conditions, empowering the most vulnerable groups of local communities, and incorporating a gender perspective with each of our projects. We fight for human rights and inspire social consciousness of our obligations as a collective society.

We promote ethical values based on the respect and dignity of all people through sustainable initiatives in the affected communities, while concurrently praising cultural diversity and denouncing all acts that contradict these values.



Roger Solà

Fundraising team | CEO

Raquel Marcos

Communication Team

Xavier Roselló


Montse Martínez

Commercial Lawyer

Carlota Gala

Fundraising Team

Margot Lebourgeois

Marketing Team | Director of the Communication’s Team

Elena Pompilio

Fundraising and Marketing Team | Creative Project Manager

Pablo Castillo

Marketing Team | Web Designer

Oscar Lorite

Marketing Team | Web Designer

Elisa Solà

Fundraising Team | Applications

Mar de Castro

Fundraising Team | Applications

Maria Solà

Translation Team

Chiara Fomia

Marketing team | Content creator

Patricia Muñoz

Communication & Media Team

Cristina Franco

Fundraising, Communication & External Outreach Teams

Mariona Gastó Jiménez

Translation Team

Pasang Dorje

Fundraising Team

Clara Barrufet Borrell

Legal team | Legal counsel

Esther Gatius

Legal Team | Tax & Legal counsel

Matylda Makowska

Marketing Team | Content Creator

Ferran Capella

Fundraising Team

Marc Torruella

Legal Team | Accounting & Legal counsel

Alessandra Crippa

Fundraising Team | Applications

Newsky Moon

Fundraising Team | Applications

Stella Viereck

Fundrising team

Maria Vidal

Media team

Berta Soler

Translation Team

Davoren Fallon

HR | Recruiter

Delfina Cabral

Translation team

Gözde Özçelik

HR | Recruiter

Ignasi Merediz Solà

Juan Pablo Marius


Klaudia Czerwińska

Social Researcher

Laura García Tudela

Fundraising team

Laura Abal

HR Management

Magdalena Manko

HR | Talent Acquisition

Maiia Otchenash

Legal Counsel

Maria Pató

Translation team

Mojtaba Golalizadeh

IT Department

Pau Caixal Bordas


Pau Mestre

Roberto Gomez

HR | Recruiter

Sara Galetti


Sara García Viña


Siddharth Shankar


Sophie Harders

HR | Talent Aquisition

Have you ever wanted to work in an NGO from the inside taking part in the decision making process? Would you like to work with us and get involved in the project in an active way? Work with us.

Our objectives


our communities in understandingtheir true potential to create socialchange by putting human rights atthe core of what we do, andmaking them the protagonists oftheir own personal development.We encourage their participationin projects that stem from theirdemands, needs and desires.

Raise Awareness

on the economic, legal, and socialinequalities that are prevalent inour communities, and denouncethe violation of these human rightsat a local level. We strive to inspirea collective consciousness thatvalues rights and obligations whileempowering the people of ourcommunities.

Inspire Action

in the decision makers of oursociety regarding diversity and understanding the many ways ofinhabiting our communities. Wevalue the exchange of knowledgeand experiences while encouraginga societal effort to increase theautonomy and capabilities ofindividuals and as a collective.

Our team
Our community
Values and statutes
Our financial structure
Media and awards

How we work

1. Determining the social need

We work with different groups to understand the needs of local communities.

2. Organization and project management

Once we have selected a philanthropic cause and beneficiary, we designate a team that sets the guidelines and designs a project to find a practical solution.

3. Finding partners and collaborators

Once the project has been chosen, we begin searching for sponsors that will help finance our activities. Meanwhile, we develop a strategy to bring a maximum amount of awareness to the cause and project: website, social networks, local and regional press, radio, posters, etc.

4. Project development

The execution of the project will take place in a specific area and time, with a duration that will depend on the nature of the project.

5. Return

Once the project is finished, we will evaluate the impact on the cause to produce analytical documents that raise more awareness on the outcomes of the project.


Awasuka Team

Mónica Sans Duran


Anna Gonzalvo Schakat

Technical Director

David Fernandiz Mont

Epidemiologist PhD,
researcher and M&E


Marketing Team

Juan Carlos Navarro

Executive Creative Director at Lypsum

Miquel Angel Navarro

Community Manager at Lyspum

Óscar Pascual

Creative editor at FlandeCoco


Breathe Again Hit

Ivan Gould Jr

Independent music producer, composer and drummer at Ciao Marina

Pablo Oliver Tarré

Independent music producer

Jan Español Sàrries

Composer, writer and scriptwriter

Dan Hammond

Music producer at Warner Music



Pablo Oliver Tarré

Music video director

Kanga Valls

Music video choreographer

Steve Garriga

Cover’s graphic designer

Blanca Silva


Marc C. Griso

Collaborator / Consultant


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including both membership
and donation.

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