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El Camí: 2013 Project

On September 11, 2013, the first solidarity event organized by El Camí de la solidaritat took place in the form of a charitable course/walk to benefit the Gripau Blau Association of Cambrils. This association is dedicated to activities for the mentally handicapped people. All the money collected was used for treatments with equine therapy sessions.

In this sense, the Catalan Association of Equine Therapy was contacted and donations were made. The company that carried out the equine therapy is Mas Aragó, a company that was created in April 2004 with the initiative of Sonia Romera, a special education and psychomotor skills teacher and university expert in equine re-education.

In 2013, together with the Gripau Blau and the Catalan Association of Equine Therapy (its Catalan acronym being ASCET), we set a goal of 10 sessions of equine therapy for 13 mentally handicapped people.

The race/walk was a one mile athletic event (1609 meters), in which approximately 200 people participated and raised 3,000 euros, which allowed for 10 sessions of equine therapy. A large part of this money came from the collaborating companies.

Event Information

Date: September 11, 2013

Partnership: Gripau Blau

Event: 1,609 m. race & walk

Participation: 200 people

Collection: 3.000 €


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