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El Camí: 2016 Project

The fourth edition of El Camí de la Solidaritat took place on October 1st, 2016, with a walk and a professional race, timed by the company Athletic Events.


The main objective was to turn our project into the most numerous solidarity race in the municipality, raising as much money as possible to be used for children at risk of exclusion in Cambrils.

To achieve a strong impact of the event, we met with the Primary Care Center of Cambrils to make an agreement and be able to alert the population of the MMB syndrome. The acronym MMB referred to the destination of our collection: School material, medicines and “Berenars” (Catalan for “afternoon snacks”).


The total number of children who benefited from this event was as 79 children (38 boys and 41 girls) from an overall of 51 families and with 3,233 meals consumed and 70 scholarships for school material.

We carried out a challenge on Facebook called “El Camí Challenge”, which encouraged people to participate in the event, and we posted several videos of celebrities encouraging people to come. The Cambrils’ music group called Zero, with the collaboration of other artists created a song and videoclip for this edition.

With the participation of many people and the collaboration of 42 companies, as well as thanks to the help received from 67 volunteers in the organization of the event, we managed to raise 15,802.38 net euros.


Event information

Date: October 1st, 2016

Event: 2 Km walk & 5 Km race

Participation: 814 people

Revenue: 15,802.38 €




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