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Our Financial Structure

We are a non-profit NGO: we do not generate profit for ourselves. Instead, we allocate the funds received towards our social mission, the administrative tasks, and fundraising campaigns in order to achieve our objectives.

We are an independent organization: we freely evaluate the financial requirements of the projects that will be funded, and also freely decide which assistance we will be providing, without being conditioned by the political, economic or religious interests of the donor countries or other major funders. In order to achieve this, we need financial independence, which is why most of our funds are private: in 2018, they came from private individuals and entities that are partners or collaborators of El Camí de la Solidaritat. In 2018, 95% of our total income was from private sources while the rest came from public institutions, such as the humanitarian aid agencies of some governments.

We do not accept funds that contradict our social mission and our ethical code (for example, from governments involved in a particular conflict). For this reason, all public funding is examined on a case-by-case basis, as well as that of foundations and corporations that may have a particular interest within the given context.

Our fundraising is based on the needs we must meet, according to our own direct evaluations. In addition, we thoroughly respect the wishes of donors who choose to allocate their contribution to a specific project or emergency; and if for any reason, we cannot respect this, we undertake to seek permission from each donor to allocate these funds to other projects.

Our finances are subject to strict internal and external oversight: our accounts are audited and evaluated annually, and our reports are public: we are very strict about ethical spending and are committed to providing detailed accounting. This constant evaluation implementation not only helps building on our transparency, but it also allows us to improve the relevance and quality of everything we do.

Our financial information is available in the Annual Reports of El Camí de la Solidaritat. Below, you can directly access our financial statements.

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