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Values and Statutes

Chapter I. Name, Purpose and Domicile

Article 1

The Association “El Camí de la Solidaritat” (in English “The Path towards Solidarity”) regulates its statutes and its activities in accordance with the provisions of Law 4/2008 of 24th April of the third book of the Catalonian Civil Code relating to legal persons, and Organic Law 1/2002 of 22nd March regulating the right of association.

Article 2

The purposes of the association are:

To cooperate in the achievement of a fair, egalitarian, healthy and sustainable international society, either by carrying out advocacy tasks, co-education for development and awareness raising tasks in the university of professional field, as well as development and participation projects in the national and international field.

To put human life at the centre and to involve people in decisions and responsibilities as motors of social change and of their own development. To improve the autonomy, representativeness and mobility of individuals and groups in daily life, empowering and increasing people’s capabilities.

El Camí de la Solidaritat understands cooperation as an exchange of knowledge, experience and values in a horizontal way, based on solidarity and human rights.

To achieve its objectives, the association carries out the following activities:

a. Cooperation projects in all stages of their cycle, including support for external initiatives through consultancy and technical advice. The entity specializes in development actions where technology and participation processes play a central role.

b. Projects based on social justice, economic efficiency and environmental sustainability to guarantee quality of life based on human rights.

c. Projects and education campaigns for Development, including awareness raising, training, research and political advocacy.

d. External training courses, in any format, linked to cooperation and development, new techniques or project management.

e. Cultural and sports activities of all kinds, including publications and dissemination in any format, linked to cooperation and development, as well as to the raising of own funds and new partners.

All profit-making purposes are excluded.

Article 3
  1. The association is established in Cambrils (58 Pau Vila street)
  2. The functions of this association are mainly carried out in Catalonia, Spain.

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